This apartment community in Marysville, Ohio was hit hard by  wind and hail damage to almost the entire exterior of the property – the siding and roofing was the most damaged. AmEuro Contracting and Consulting was brought in to work an insurance claim for the property, and to repair the aforementioned roofing and siding across the complex.

Throughout the course of the project, AmEuro replaced 1,400 Square Feet of roofing shingles, and replaced siding on every building in the community, all of which was devastated by a hail storm. We brought in our own labor and trusted subcontractors to give owners and residents  the peace of mind that everything would be taken care of for them. We worked closely with the property’s management company to ensure that their residents received the highest levels of reassurance that the project would be speedy, and would not impede on their privacy,. Today, The Links looks better than ever, and the residents are so happy to have their homes repaired.

AmEuro Contracting and Consulting was so excited to be a part of this project because it meant that we were able to restore comfort and security back into the lives of the people that were affected by this storm — Mother nature doesn’t always play nice, but with our years of experience in Insurance Restoration and Consulting, AmEuro will always deliver on our promise to restore your homes and offices, and do our best to bring back peace and hope into the lives of those affected.


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