Condo Renovation – Longboat Key, FL

Gabor Sztuska, our Chief Operating Officer, completed this condo renovation before co-founding AmEuro Contracting and Consulting in 2015. The condominium is a part of The Beachcomber in Longboat Key, Florida. Although it is a great building in a fantastic location, the interior needed some updating.

To start this renovation, Sztuska needed a blank canvas, so to speak. He accomplished this with a demo of the interior of the condo. After clearing the interior, new drywall walls were installed throughout. The flooring in the house was modernized with a beautiful tile flooring that matches the island vibe of Longboat Key and also helps the house to flow and feel unified throughout. Painters refreshed the home with a new coat of paint. New windows were also installed to allow the residents to have an untainted view of the Gulf of Mexico.

The most important updates to the home are found in the bathroom and the kitchen. The bathroom remodel was a full renovation. The team replaced the flooring, updated the walls, countertop, and added a new sink. The updates made it feel like a new home!

The kitchen remodel was impressive, to say the least. The cabinets were replaced with new fixtures. Then the countertops were replaced with brand new granite and a tile backsplash that compliments the granite perfectly was installed. The floors were replaced with tile flooring that matched the rest of the house. Painters added a fresh coat of paint to the kitchen and, to top it off, stainless steel appliances were brought in.

Overall, the condo was given a great new look that is both modern and comfortable, while retaining the island feel that one would want in a Gulf Front property. Sztuska and his team did a fantastic job with this home renovation!

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